Seasonal companies

In a seasonal business such as a campsite, beach pavilion or other seasonal business, it is important that you do not have to worry about the interpretation of the music. BCM Stream and BCM Stream Pro are simple but effective team players in your business that take all the music business out of your hands. BCM and BCM Stream Pro can also be discontinued on a monthly basis, so that as a seasonal company you only pay for the months in which you are active.

  • Download the software and start right away
  • 2 weeks free trial without registration or payment
  • Licensed for business use, 100% legal
  • Advertising free
  • Create your own playlists **
  • Fully interactive **
  • Search function for composing your own playlists and requests **
  • Search filter (BPM) **
  • Professionally composed playlists
  • All music is immediately available through streaming
  • Always up-to-date with the latest music
  • No contract, just easy to quit online per month
  • Super easy to use
  • Automatic backup of music if there is no internet available for a while
  • Free REMOTE app, operate BCM Stream from anywhere in the world, but also to create your own playlists at any time **
  • Free REQUEST app for your visitors, let your guests submit requests and advertise yourself via the app
  • Easily choose a music channel or a combination of music channels


** Available at BCM Stream Pro